Home Ecosystem Consultation

Site visit with advice about current challenges, solutions, and potential improvements


Growing conditions, microclimates and existing plants

A survey of your existing landscape clarifies the core growing conditions plants experience at your home. Learn about how different micro-climates—even in the same garden bed—affect plant health throughout your home ecosystem. For instance, micro-climates can help explain why the same shrub thrives in one location and struggles just 10 feet away.

Current challenges and solutions

Using the principles of Integrated Pest Management, identify problems with existing plants (or plants that have not survived). Discuss symptoms and diagnoses, as well as a range of treatment options, focusing on non-chemical remedies unless more serious intervention is truly necessary.

Warning signs

Discover growing conditions that could lead to future plant health problems. Plants can be very resilient creatures, tolerating challenges for months or years before showing obvious signs of stress. But issues like overcrowding, weak soil, incorrect light or moisture levels, and invasive plants can be addressed before your favorite perennials, shrubs, and trees start a steady decline.

Enhancing eco-friendliness of outdoor spaces

Explore strategies to maximize the ecosystem-strengthening benefits your plants provide. Offset your carbon footprint with native plants, pollinator-friendly ornamentals, edibles (for you and garden visitors like birds and butterflies), and native habitats. Consider how your gardens impact parks and wild spaces near your home.

Customized list of recommendations and resources

Following our on-site consultation, you will receive an electronic list of recommendations and resources specifically compiled for you and your home ecosystem.


The length of your Home Ecosystem Consultation document is determined by the length of your consultation and the number and variety of issues discussed. Examples: Sample 1 and Sample 2


On-site 60-90 minute consultation

$150 includes site visit with Dr. Billger and 2-3 hours off-site creating follow-up document

If you hire EFTE for eco-landscaping services totaling $400 or more within two months of the consultation, a $50 credit will be applied.
A modest travel stipend may be required for sites outside our primary Philadelphia metro service area.

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