About Eating for the Ecosystem

Our Mission

We offer affordable horticulture products and services that strengthen local ecosystems,
add beauty to living spaces, and provide healthy food. 


Our Values

Eco-friendly does not have to mean expensive

Plants are people too

Beauty matters

Good science is essential


Meet Sherrilyn Billger, PhD

CEO and Owner

Hi, I'm Sherrilyn and I came to this business by a circuitous route. But I've always loved plants. My childhood babysitters were Mennonite farmers, and I have many fond memories of tending their "truck patch" and gathering eggs from the chicken coop. That childhood avocation has become my grown-up vocation.

For thirteen years, I worked as an economics professor, earning tenure and then serving as department chair. I will always be an economist and an empirical researcher. I care about efficiency and costs, and believe convincing evidence when I see it. I also care deeply about our environment.

I earned Master Gardener certification in 2011 (and directed their Holton Homes Children's Garden), received advancing pruning certification from PHS Tree Tenders in 2015, and along the way transitioned into professional landscaping. I not only love to hug trees, I also love to climb them. I believe plants deserve more respect, and my absolute favorite thing in the world is composting. No joke!

My life mission is to work for economic, ecological, and social justice. In creating Eating for the Ecosystem, I combine my skills in economics, horticulture, labor/HR, education, management, and carpentry to collaborate on real solutions for our ongoing environmental concerns.

I usually work with hand tools (like my hori hori), electric tools (like my leaf mulcher) if I must, and gas-powered (like that tiller in the photo gallery) only when absolutely necessary. And here's a true story: I celebrated my birthday one year by digging out a tree stump (my #BirthdayStump). With a shovel. That was a great day.

I also teach yoga and tap dance, serve as Board Treasurer for <fidget> , and volunteer for Mantua's Enrichment Committee. I love hiking--with my Dad, with my husband, and with the Philly Women Outdoors meetup group I founded. My favorite tree is weeping willow, veggie is sweet corn, and fruit is Brandywine tomato. Did you know those tomatoes were originally named for Brandywine Creek over in Chester County? What are your favorites?