Cultivating People–Plant Relationships

A holistic approach to caring for plants and ecosystems


Installation, rescue, and maintenance
Chemical-free weed management
Native woodland
Lawn to garden transformation

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Home Ecosystem Consultations

Site visit with advice about current challenges, solutions, and potential improvements

Includes document with customized recommendations and resources

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Tree Service

with ISA Certified Arborist® on staff
Ornamental and fruit trees
Trellises for climbing vines
Removal of dead and diseased branches
Organic fertilization; disease and pest treatment
Structural pruning for long-term health


Consulting and Design

Eco-friendly designs
Gardens, parks, and woodlands
Community engagement

Non-profits, civic associations,
economic development companies

custom growing containers

Custom Growing Containers

Custom designs built by hand
Locally-sourced materials
People-safe wood finish

Sunny windowsill
Outdoor patio, porch, or balcony

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Online Resources

How-to articles
Conscious consumption
Organic gardening tips
Caring for plants

How We Are Different

There are lots of landscaping companies out there. What makes us unique?