Cultivating People–Plant Relationships

We offer horticulture products and services that strengthen local ecosystems,
add beauty to living spaces, and provide healthy food.

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Unique Organic Seedlings

We use organic seeds and grow in organic potting mixes with organic vegan fertilizers. We've selected varieties that are best suited to small growing spaces. Most of our seedlings are unique varieties you are unlikely to find in local garden centers.

custom growing containers

Custom Growing Containers

Our custom growing containers are designed to maximize success in small spaces. Whether you have a patio, roof deck, balcony, or porch, we have the right solution for your living space.

custom compost systems

Custom Compost Systems

We LOVE composting at EFTE, and we know we can create the composting system that best fits your location, lifestyle, and budget.


Design and Consulting

We design gardens to be beautiful and successful. Our design options include ornamental beds, vegetable or herb gardens, woodland restoration, and lawn replacement. Our clients include homeowners, community organizations, and local businesses. Learn more...

Garden Installation

We install plants in the best locations for them to flourish, preventing future crowding or overgrowth that could necessitate removal. We provide a variety of options to temporarily fill out your garden so that it is lush and beautiful year after year. Learn more...

Rescue and Maintenance

We are available for routine garden care and for individual garden cleanup or rescue projects. We avoid  non-organic herbicides, providing safer effective solutions to pest and disease problems. We also specialize in revitalization pruning, lawn replacement, and woodland restoration. Learn more...

How We Are Different

There are lots of landscaping companies out there. What makes us unique?


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